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All the Tools You Need to Coach Your Clients.

  • Custom-Metrics-And-Goals-Trainer
    Custom Metrics And Goals
    Keep an eye on your client's body, define goals and get insights about their workout, measurements, nutrition, send them reminders and more.
  • Everything-From-One-Place-Trainer
    Everything From One Place
    No more digging through emails, spreadsheets, forms and complicated file storage. All your coaching materials are centralised to let you focus on client success.
  • Online-Training-Tools-Trainer
    Online Training Tools
    Build a custom training program in minutes, Onboard and assign programs with a few clicks using pre-loaded templates created by you.

And much more features to discover


Your entire clients workout and measurement history in your pocket.


Compare two dates with full info on measurements and photos.

Before & After

Generate a transformation photo for your client with a mention and share it on social media.


Keep your history and photos safe and backed up on demand.


Search an exercise filtering by muscle group or equipment.


Define reminder for each client to follow up measurements and photos with them.


Track best set performs by your client on bench press, deadlift and squat.


Add a memo for on a program assigned to a client.

Elevate your online coaching experience.

Be part of our early user community for exclusive offer and the chance to shape the future of fitness training.

Frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits ?
As a Goofiter, you'll get listed and gain access to a diverse community of fitness enthusiasts, powerful SaaS tools to streamline client management, and a platform to showcase your expertise to a wider audience.
Do you offer support ?
Yes, we have an excellent support staff and we will gladly help you resolve any issues you might encounter. As a Goofiter, you have access to our community group dedicated for PT!
Will you keep Goofit updated ?
We have a strong roadmap of new features planned and your membership gives you access to those new features.
Can i browse existing programs from your library ?
At the moment we only support custom workout plans so you would have to create it yourself.
Are my programs available to other trainers ?
Everything you upload can only be seen/used by your clients. No trainers, clients, or even the Goofit staff has access to programs and records that you upload.
Can I add my own programs ?
For sure ! With just a few clicks, you can use our program builder to create any type of program, workout or resource for your clients.
Can I take payments and subscriptions ?
Not right now. Our primary focus is on creating a great coaching platform.
Can I have a trainer and athlete account ?
Yes, you can use your online coaching account and track also your personal record. You can find the switch button in your account menu.