Your simplest, intuitive Workout and Measurement tracking experience

  • Workout Plans
    Create a day by day training plan fine-tuned to your personal goals, start it and let the app guide you along the way and visualize your progress.
  • Body Measurement
    Take photos, set goals and track all of the body measurements that you think are relevant, weight, fat percentage, waist, hips or other body parts.
  • Statistics
    Keep an eye on your body, get insights about your workout sessions, discover which muscle groups you train the least and need improvement.

And much more features to discover


Connect with your coach and receive your workout and nutrition plan.


Listen to instructions or watch video to learn how to perform exercises.


Search an exercise filtering by muscle group or equipment.


Easily edit sets - reps - weight and rest for each exercise.

Rest Timer

Time your rest between each set on your daily workout routine.


Compare two dates with full info on your measurements and photos.


Your entire workout and measurement history in your pocket.


Keep your history and photos safe and backed up on demand.

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Be Premium and Train Like a Pro

  • Unlimited Workout, Nutrition & Measurement Tracker +
  • Find a trainer for free.
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  • All Basic Tools +
  • More Statistics and AI Based Plan per month.

Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from US Dollars.

Learn how to use Goofit with tutorials

Goofit’s tutorials have all the tools you need for your fitness journey.


Frequently asked questions.

Can I get a trial first ?
Yes, Goofit is totally free with unlimited workout, nutrition & measurement tracker. The premium plan give you more statistics and AI based plan.
What are my paying options ?
You can pay quickly and securely with your Google Pay and Apple Pay account.
Can I cancel my subscription ?
Absolutely. Subscriptions run on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and can be cancelled at any time and will be ended from the following month.
Can I browse existing programs ?
At the moment we only support custom workout plans so you would have to create it yourself or use our AI based plan as a premium user.